Shadow Play

Sometimes capturing shadows is just a happy accident, sometimes the photographer chooses to include them as an element of the composition, and sometimes our subject has chosen to make the shadow  more of the focal point than they themselves are.

shadow girls


6 month Portraits | Waterloo, IA Child Photography

baby girl doing superman

baby girl portrait on vintage trunk in field

I did a quick shoot with this little cutie just after she hit the big 6 month milestone.  I love when they can sit unassisted for short amounts of time…it lets you switch things up a little with posing, and really celebrates their new achievements and abilities.  (Like flashing their bloomers and chewing on their clothes!)little girl in flower field

Plop them on a blanket and see what they can do…you’re sure to capture some adorableness, even after they get tired and tip over =)

6 month old sitting up portraits baby girl doing superman

Just don’t count on them being happy on their backs for long!  They think they are big stuff now and want to be watching the world around them, not above girl laying on blanket

And here’s my favorite from the session, she just looks so chill!


Summertime Toddler Portraits

girl in the prairieHow sweet is this girl with her soulful look?  Those blue eyes and dark lashes just draw you in don’t they…toddler portrait in meadowtoddler girl meadow collageIt was hot, hot, hot that evening with crazy high humidity to boot, but she was a good sport through it all, running to Dad, laughing at brother, giving smiles for Mom, and even attempting a twirl or two.lake girl collageWe waited ’til the end of the session to go down by the water, and of course she was happiest of all here, especially after she realized how good that cool water felt!splashing and stompingtoddler-portrait-mermaid-sunset-lakeWhat a beautiful evening with this little one and her family!

Preschooler Portraits | Child Photography Denver, IA

2016-06-07_0003I shot a portrait session with this little guy a few weeks ago.  We got a few images on the first day before the forecasted rain we had tried to outguess arrived.


You know how preschoolers can be…so easygoing one minute and just wild the next?  Both are fun to work with and the wild moments can lead to hilarious images, but with this guy it was just soo easy!  He laughed at my jokes, had the best grin, followed directions, and even offered up suggestions for shots.


Of course, as the original session time rolled around the skies cleared and the sun came back.  No matter, we had rescheduled for the next week and ended up with a warm sunny evening to finish up the shoot.  And you know what?  He was great to work with that day too.  Just look at that smile!2016-06-07_0005 Preschool Portraits

Toddler and his Tractors | Waterloo, IA


We had a gorgeous evening for this session and the little guy was thrilled to be on his tractor!  He drove, and pushed, and pulled, and dumped, and occasionally stood by it’s side pondering the mysteries of being a toddler farmer.

He stepped away from his work for a few moments to show us his farm and some of his other equipment.  How cute is he on that scooter?


toddler riding scooter toddler holding toy John Deere tractor and wagon boy jumping off vintage livestock trailer

Adorable 9 Month Old

I am reminiscing about one of my favorite sessions…and waiting anxiously for warm weather!

little girl on quilt outdoors in fall

I have done a few sessions with this sweet little girl now and she is such a good sport about getting her pictures done! I remember being so excited at this shoot to be outside on a gorgeous fall day with beautiful light to play with.

I just love the variety here; of backgrounds, expressions, and light.  Those cheeks and eyes are just so adorable and of course, her mama picks out the cutest clothes!