Color Study | Violet Jelly Experiment

violet blossoms in glass bowl

Early this summer (well, when the violets were blooming) I sent my kids out to pick a bowlful of blooms with the goal in mind to make a batch of jelly. I ended up picking the last 2-3 cups, and the jelly turned out more like a thick syrup, but check out these awesome colors.

violet blossoms and water have turned blue after steeping
Steeping in Boiling Water

Who knew boiling water and then lemon juice would create these changes?!

liquid has turned a deep violet color after adding lemon juice
After adding Sugar and Lemon Juice

The recipe I used is from Taste of Home and can be found here.

jelly in the jars after water bath is bright magenta
Finished Violet Jelly

P.S. As for the texture issue, I’m guessing my pectin was old, or I boiled for too long or short a time.  Cooking and canning is NOT my area of expertise!



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