Pollinator Planting – 1st Blooms

Last winter, the field behind our house was planted as pollinator habitat.  This spring as it started to warm up, we anxiously waited to see new plants popping up, but it wasn’t until the last couple of weeks that we finally started to see measurable growth. (and something other than dandelions!)

My kids were out along that fence line picking mulberries with Grandma yesterday and finally  caught a few glimpses of yellow blooms!  2016-06-23_0003

So, after a night of thunderstorms, I headed out there this morning in my rain boots to document the progress.  I should have taken the bug spray too…those skeeters were hungry!drooping yellow petals under cylindrical seed head2016-06-23_00022016-06-23_0004


Preschooler Portraits | Child Photography Denver, IA

2016-06-07_0003I shot a portrait session with this little guy a few weeks ago.  We got a few images on the first day before the forecasted rain we had tried to outguess arrived.


You know how preschoolers can be…so easygoing one minute and just wild the next?  Both are fun to work with and the wild moments can lead to hilarious images, but with this guy it was just soo easy!  He laughed at my jokes, had the best grin, followed directions, and even offered up suggestions for shots.


Of course, as the original session time rolled around the skies cleared and the sun came back.  No matter, we had rescheduled for the next week and ended up with a warm sunny evening to finish up the shoot.  And you know what?  He was great to work with that day too.  Just look at that smile!2016-06-07_0005 Preschool Portraits