Pine Lake State Park – In Photographs

My family spent last weekend camping at Pine Lake State Park near Eldora, IA.  The park is less than an hour from us and an easy drive…the kids didn’t even request electronic devices until we were almost there.  I love camping trips for the family and outdoors time, but also for the opportunity to practice my craft in a new environment.  When you are camping and hiking, there is no breaking out a reflector, waiting for the perfect light, or posing your subject in a gorgeous outfit!  You just have to work with what you’ve got =)

Wind turbines in central Iowa

We spent most of our time fishing and hiking, with a little park time for the kiddos thrown in.

family fishing beside stream

The fishermen in the family managed to reel in a few small bass and bluegill and we were entertained watching a few fish attempt to jump up the spillway at the upper lake.

We hiked from the campground down and all the way around the lower lake on Saturday and took the trail up along the other side of the upper lake Sunday morning.  The kids did a great job in their new-this-season hiking boots, with very little complaining on even the 3+ mile hike!  My feet, on the other hand, were grumpy in my several-years-old tennies.

Canada Goose hissing Spillway at lower lake

crumbling brige at end of trail on upper lake

We discovered lots of spring wildflowers and talked about edible plants and our rule regarding them (always ask a knowledgeable adult to verify first!)  We discussed littering (again), and we found (and tried to explain) a park boundary benchmark.

First camping trip of the season…success!siblings on lake shoreline Lone Pine Tree

play area at state park


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