Amish Country Experience

We spent a recent morning visiting the shops in “Amish Country” between Fairbank and Hazelton, IA.  Driving just a few miles east from Highway 63 you’ll soon encounter buggies alongside the road, a sure sign that you have entered the Amish area.  There are several shops in the surrounding miles with offerings ranging from baked goods, bulk foods/spices, and discount groceries, to kitchen equipment, homeopathic remedies, work boots, fabric, and furniture.  In the spring, the nurseries and greenhouses will be open as well.

You’ll have fun exploring the shops, spotting the different types of livestock, and explaining to your kids a bit about Amish culture.

If you are planning a trip there, the Independence Area Chamber of Commerce has a great map and list of the shops at their site.


One thought on “Amish Country Experience

  1. Love the photos! We love visiting Amish country too. It’s worth the drive in late fall to see the shocks of hay and beans. Very picturesque with the autumn colors.


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