Tips to help you capture Lifestyle Images

First, you are going to have to get over feeling awkward pulling out your camera in public!  This is really easy if you are using your phone, because everyone is snapping pictures on the go these days and the cameras on phones are getting better and better!  I prefer to use my big camera, just because I can’t stand to give up control over my settings and my phone takes terrible pictures indoors, but even for a quick shot with your phone, keep the following in mind and you will have images that tell a clearer story and have more personality.

kids playing at library with bookshelves behind them

  1. Shoot wide – this just means, back up (or use a wide-angle lens) and include the setting in your photo.  This gives the viewer a sense of the place, the reason for the activity, or a reminder of a favorite location.  Make sure it is still clear to the viewer what the main subject is.
  2. Instead of shooting wide, include something in the image that is unique to the setting so that the viewer can make an inference about where you are.
  3. Capture your subject involved in an activity.  This could be crafting, reading, playing a sport, or laughing with a friend.  This will give the viewer a sense of who the subject is.boys face framed in bead maze toy
  4. Be patient.  Find a great vantage point and wait a few minutes to catch action, a decisive moment, or a strong emotion.  This could be turning a page, shooting a basket, laying the last piece of the puzzle in place, a belly laugh, or a look of determination.
  5. Capture details too.  These can either stand alone, or add to the story set up in your earlier images.  Think paint covered hands, art supplies or toys, an award won, or the final result of an activity.

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