Lifestyle Newborn with Lena

Lifestyle Newborn-1

I spent yesterday morning with my newest little niece taking pictures of her and her adoring parents!  This was the first time I have really focused on creating lifestyle/documentary style images with a newborn, and it is quite a bit different than a newborn portrait session.  Basically, I followed her around for a couple of hours, from the nursery, to the changing table, in the comfy nursing chair, chillin’ in the crib, and snuggled up with her parents.

Lifestyle Newborn-1-2Lifestyle Newborn-1-3Lifestyle Newborn-1-4Lifestyle Newborn-1-7Lifestyle Newborn-1-8

What I was capturing was a glimpse into their life with a newborn; how they interact with each other, how they spend their time, and what their home is like with a new little one in it.  I hope to get back over there to get some beautiful portrait style newborn images as well.  I’d better hurry, they grow so fast!





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