Snowy Scenes & Exposure Compensation

boy in snowsuit walking in snowy woods

If you’re in Iowa, you know that the last few weeks we have had some beautiful snowy days (followed by some really cold weather)! I wanted to share a tip with you that will help you capture that snowy landscape or fun images of your kiddos enjoying the white stuff. One problem with shooting a scene with so much white, is that the camera expects the elements in a scene to average out to grey. If it looks at your snowy scene with large amounts of white and a few bits of color, it is going to darken those bright areas to make the average tone grey unless you tell it to do differently.

How can you do that? Most SLR cameras and many point and shoot cameras have an exposure compensation button marked with a +/-,  that will allow you to override the exposure (brightness) that the camera has chosen if you are in an auto mode. A good practice is to set this to +1, see how it looks to you and adjust up or down accordingly. If you don’t have exposure compensation, see if you have a scene mode for beaches or snow (my little Olympus Tough has this). Experiment with this and let me know what you think!



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